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2020 Servant Leadership Award

If you have been a member of Friendly Church of God in Christ for any length of time, you’re sure to notice several things. Of these things you probably recognize that Friendly COGIC has several moving parts. Friendly, as a church, is continuously active. There are departments, auxiliaries, and missions of service to and outside of the church. Behind all this activity are people- the members, who serve in Friendly’s vineyard.

If you look over Friendly’s landscape of laborers, you will find several members with their hands to the plow. It is easy to see the ‘whole body’ move, but how often do you notice the ‘members’ that are behind the movement. You don’t have to look far. You may only need to look in the mirror or down the pew. Every member of Friendly can contribute to Friendly’s vineyard in some way. Some members have embraced this idea wholeheartedly.

In an effort to recognize and encourage the continued dedication of those members, Pastor Willie Boyd Sr. created the Friendly COGIC Servant Leadership Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize those members who define the role of a ‘servant leader’. The foundation of a servant leader starts firstly with the desire to be of service to others. A servant leader considers the needs of those around them and takes action to reach and meet that need. This individual is additionally
a leader by problem solving, engaging others in meaningful tasks, and displaying professional behavior in their duties.

In 2019, these characteristics stood out in Dr. Calvin Jackson and Deacon Phillip Clemons. During the award presentation at Watch Night Service, Pastor Boyd highlighted the outstanding service of each man.

Dr. Jackson serves “as a mentor in the CSRA and Friendly Brotherhood president. He is a blessing to the congregation, a man of faith who is dedicated to ministry and supporting the church.”

Deacon Clemons in addition to serving within Friendly’s brotherhood also manages the church’s “equipment setup, mentors young men, serves on the mission team, and was selected to train as a deacon due to his commitment” to the church.

Both recipients work in various capacities throughout Friendly showing their willingness to support the ministry. Dr. Jackson’s and Dea. Clemon’s commitment to work inside and outside the church walls prove they are faithful servants and kingdom leaders – servant leaders.

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