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Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

We often hear that Jesus is the reason for the season.    Literally this means that He is the reason for the seasons because in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God and in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.   Many people do not recognize these truths especially the homeless and those in financial need.   All they may know is that this is the season when the world celebrates with the giving of gifts, particularly of providing gifts for their children who can’t wait for Christmas day to see what new toy they have received.  Some may believe that God has abandoned them or may even believe in the fictional character known as Santa Claus.  In addition, this is a time when the homeless and needy parents either do not have the home to put the gifts or the funds to buy gifts for their children.  These parents are struggling each day to meet their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

Friendly had the unique opportunity this year to reflect on the birth of our Savior through giving and by showing God’s love through acts of kindness in two separate mission projects.  Throughout the year, Friendly faithfully provides household cleaning supplies and toiletries for Parkway Place Veteran Women Shelter.  This year we were asked to help five of the residents provide gifts for their children. There were a total of 22 children in those families.  Through your generous financial and toy donations, Friendly was able to provide most of what was on their wish list.  Sister Anthony and I had the pleasure of going shopping and catching many deals such as buy one and get one 50% off.  God gave us even more favor in Family Dollar. The store staff gave us additional coupons totaling $10.00 off already low priced items and even helped us to find items on the list.  Nothing beats God favor. Mother Yeldell and I delivered the gifts and were blessed with a tour of the facility.   When it was time to leave, I had to wait on Mother Yeldell who appeared to be having an intense conversation with one of the residents. There is this philosophy that you should take advantage of a “teachable moment.” I believe Mother Yeldell took advantage of a “preachable moment.”

Later, Friendly was again asked to support Head of The Giant Ministry’s annual Christmas Celebration.  This year Head of The Giant partnered with Miracle Making Ministries and Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Baptist Church as well as receiving support from other churches to include Friendly. A quote from Head of The Giant’s Ministry website reads “Friendly Church of God In Christ provided transportation for several of Head of the Giant’s guests that have no transportation available to them. They also served as greeters and ministered to the guests through witnessing and prayer. This ministry of prayer was such a blessing to many guests and volunteers.”  Not mentioned was we also helped parents get their children’s food to the table and cleaned tables when they finished eating.

Appreciation goes out to the Missionary Board, The Greeters, the Usher Board, the Mother Board and Jayla and Ashley who reminded me of how blessed we are as a church for being able to work together across generations and auxiliaries.  In addition, Brother Rouse faithfully ministered to the people again this year by providing transportation. He has a unique quiet way of making each passenger know how they special they are to God.  He not only provided transportation utilizing Friendly’s van, but he provided a driver and another van just to carry the gifts.  I could only praise God when I saw the other van as it was a tremendous blessing.

Jesus is indeed the reason for the seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall).  Let’s continue to celebrate His birth throughout the year as we show the love of Jesus and display acts of kindness to others inside and outside the walls of Friendly.

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