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  • Revival Fire: “The Struggle Is Real”

    The struggle is real seems to be the latest catch phase when experiencing a difficult situation. One might used that phase when being questioned on why they were late for work. Or even when you just can’t seem to get your together, the phase the struggle is real can be

  • 2017 Youth In Action

    This year Northern Georgia Second Jurisdiction hosted Youth In Action(YIA) on Saturday February 4, 2017. The theme for this year was “All or Nothing: Give me You!!”. The sessions were held at the Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School in Augusta, Georgia. Youth from all around the jurisdiction came to

  • 2017 Annual Winter Revival

    The 2017 Annual Winter Revival was held February 8 – 10, 2017. The theme this year was Recovery and Restoration with the supporting scripture Jeremiah 30:17, 33:3. The guest revivalist was Bishop Mark Walden, Prelate of Northern Georgia Second and pastor of the House of God in Thomson, Georgia. Bishop